Curriculum Benefits

Benefits of our unique curriculum

We have carefully structured a one-of-a-kind modular, curriculum that is flexible enough to fit into your busy life, while also providing depth and continuity of knowledge, hands-on clinical expertise, and real world externship experience

We offer “Core (Aesthetics Mastery Program)”, “Elective” and “Business” level training tracks (organized into consecutive weekend segments), along with complimentary externship placement (with flexible weekday options). Upon successful completion of our “Aesthetics Mastry Program”, you will leave with a medical aesthetics starter portfolio, including

1. certification

Graduation certificate for each area studied

2. Recommendation

Letter of recommendation from externship placement

3. your branding

New/upgraded professional social media profiles

4. Patient portfolio

Before and after patient photos of your work

5. Qualifying Credentials

Resume building qualifying your extensive clinical, consultation and hospitality training

6. CME credit

Coming soon

Our approach is two-fold:

1. In-depth didactic and hands-on classroom training:

Extensive classroom and hands-on training that prepares you for both immediate and long-term success, fostering values of innovation, critical thinking, and lifelong learning in the ever-evolving aesthetics industry.

2. Externship placement within an established aesthetics practice:

This real-world experience is invaluable as it complements your classroom and hands-on learning while you shadow seasoned aesthetic professionals. Additionally, it helps you enhance critical hospitality, sales, and consultation skills and build a professional portfolio necessary to stand out in the aesthetics space.

"Our learning approach is designed to prepare you for imminent and long-term career success, to instill values of innovation, critical thinking, and lifelong learning in the ever-evolving aesthetics industry. "

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Clinicians holding an *RN, NP, PA, MD, DO license, and Estheticians (eligible for select courses), looking to gain entry into the medical aesthetics industry or to advance their medical aesthetics skills are ideal candidates for our program. Owners, operators/administrators of medical spas are welcome to take advantage of our Business Consulting track (focusing on operations, customer service, marketing, sales, financials and more).

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Day 2: Chemical Peels & Skincare

Day 1 & 2: Full Face Assessment & Comprehensive Treatment Plans¼

Day 1: Microneedling & Chemical Pee

Day 2: Tattoo Removal

Day 1: Laser for Pigment

Day 2: Laser Rejuvenation

Day 1: Introduction to Lasers / LHR

Day 1 & 2 : Full Face Assessment & Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Day 2: Advanced Dermal Fillers

Day 1: Introduction to Dermal Fillers

Day 2: Speciality Neurotoxins

Introduction to Neurotoxins

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Curriculum Benefits