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Our Mission is to Empower Aesthetic Careers

Welcome to the Princeton Aesthetics Academy, where we’re dedicated to igniting careers in the dynamic and evolving field of medical aesthetics! We offer licensed clinicians and estheticians a truly complete curriculum that bridges the gap between traditional medicine and the highly specialized field of medical aesthetics.  Through our unique blend of rigorous training encompassing the most sought after aesthetic treatments, a strong emphasis on hands-on practice, real-world experience, and portfolio development, we aim to empower a new generation of professionals who will shape the future of medical aesthetics. 


We understand your challenges...

As long time providers, owners and operators within the medical aesthetics space, we understand that the path to excellence in the field of medical aesthetics is challenging due to the lack of structured, high-quality training opportunities. While other medical and nursing specialties benefit from established curricula, the world of aesthetic medicine faces a critical gap. Employers are often reluctant to hire and train inexperienced clinicians. As a result, aspiring professionals must navigate a fragmented landscape of individual courses offered at various times and locations to piece together their own aesthetics education. This approach often lacks completeness, topic continuity, mentorship, and the necessary hands-on experience required for competent and confident practice within this specialized field.

Our solution, born from experience...

Recognizing the shortage of education opportunities and skilled medical aesthetic providers, we began to train promising but inexperienced clinicians within our own aesthetics practice over ten years ago. As time went on, we developed a comprehensive training program, meticulously designed to equip individuals with the specialized and practical skills needed to expertly consult, treat, and retain our valued clients. The results spoke for themselves. The more we trained and expanded our curriculum, the more our practice flourished. Most importantly, those we mentored blossomed into highly sought-after aesthetic experts, trainers, influencers and even owners in the aesthetics space. Our success story, the critical gap in the market and the decade of fine-tuning our training approach has inspired the Princeton Aesthetics Academy into existence. We are thrilled to expand our reach and contribute to the progress of the aesthetic field!

Our Team

Galina Kotovets


Mayra Crespo, DNP

Head Trainer

Allen Dikker

Managing Partner

Rolanda First

Director of Operations

Congratulations on taking the initial step!

Clinicians holding an *RN, NP, PA, MD, DO license, and Estheticians (eligible for select courses), looking to gain entry into the medical aesthetics industry or to advance their medical aesthetics skills are ideal candidates for our program. Owners, operators/administrators of medical spas are welcome to take advantage of our Business Consulting track (focusing on operations, customer service, marketing, sales, financials and more).

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